Johnnie Walker and 88Rising’s Joji partner for a special cocktail kit

Johnnie Walker x JOJI Honeycomb Highball Kit. Image courtesy Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker x JOJI Honeycomb Highball Kit. Image courtesy Johnnie Walker /

Johnnie Walker and 88Rising’s Joji bring us an epic cocktail kit

Johnnie Walker is an iconic scotch whisky, and with the help of 88Rising’s Joji, they have created an epic cocktail kit with Cocktail Courier. This cocktail kit helps to celebrate Joji’s new album Nectar, which also inspired the cocktail itself.

The Honeycomb Highball, which is the cocktail that this kit creates, serves eight people, and is perhaps one of the easiest cocktail recipes I have ever recreated. Considering this cocktail collaboration came about thanks to Johnnie Walker being included in the music video for the song ‘Daylight,’ it stood to reason that this drink would be hip, fun, and absolutely delicious.

And the fact that it comes with everything you need is all thanks to the fact that Cocktail Courier knows that we need a guide to making the perfect drink.

Joji and Johnnie Walker gives us a perfect Highball

First we have to talk about the fact that this kit requires Johnnie Walker Black Label, making it a high end cocktail right off the bat. Every sip delivers that warm, smokey finish we expect from this scotch whisky, but that’s not all that makes this cocktail pop.

Other aspects of this cocktail that bring it to life are the Tamarind and Earl Grey syrup and the Joji Nectar, which add such amazing layers to this cocktail. Of course, there is also the addition of lemon, bitters, and club soda, all which bring this Highball together.

After making the Honeycomb Highball, I found myself falling in love with this cocktail. Not only did it have a depth of flavor I didn’t expect, but it didn’t remind me of any Highball I had ever tried before.

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I am a big fan of Cocktail Courier and their cocktail kits, and this kit from Johnnie Walker and Joji was definitely one of my favorites. There are so many cocktails to choose from and yet this one is a clear winner. (I blame it on the black label.)