How to make McDonald’s fries at home

Is there a secret to making McDonald’s fries at home? Here’s what we know!

When it comes to McDonald’s fries, you either love them or hate them. For some, they are too salty, for others, they can’t get enough of it! Want to make them at home? A source believes to know the secret.

Fast food restaurants may not admit it, but there is a secret to everything they make! Even chains who have shared recipes, such as Chipotle, I speculate that there is still a missing ingredient.

Why? Well, not only does it seem to simple, but I am never able to get the food to taste exactly the same. Hey, it may just be me! Go ahead and try out THIS recipe from Chipotle and tell me what you think about it.

Back to McDonald’s. I don’t believe we can recreate the same fries, but, according to PopSugar, a source believes they know the secret to making these at home. We’ll see about that!

What’s the secret to making McDonald’s fries?

Watch the video from PopSugar above, it’s very informative! And if you need a breakdown of the recipe and steps, check out the source HERE.

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Some facts we learned about the fries, they feature 14 ingredients. And yes, potatoes is one of them. I don’t know about you, but that’s about 12 more ingredients than I’m used to. I personally won’t be trying to make these, but I will continue going to McDonald’s for fries!

Let us know what you thought about the video! Which fast food restaurant has your favorite fries?