Virtue Cider helps us get into the Fall mood with these bottled ciders

Virtue Cider Bottled Small-Batch Cider. Image Courtesy Virtue Cider
Virtue Cider Bottled Small-Batch Cider. Image Courtesy Virtue Cider /

Virtue Cider gives us perfect hard ciders for Fall

If there is one drink that is perfect for Fall, then it would have to be cider, especially hard cider. Luckily for us, Virtue Cider has just what we need to get into the spirit of the season.

Over the last two years, I have been introduced to the magic that is Virtue Cider and their delicious Michigan-based hard ciders. And while every cider I have tried has been delicious, their 2020 lineup of bottled ciders might just be some of my favorite sips.

Once again, they are giving us three seasonal offerings that are everything we could hope for in the cooling weather of Fall. And whether you are drinking these with a charcuterie board, dessert (think pumpkin pie or even a classic apple turnover), or even all of their own, these three ciders are a must have.

Virtue Cider delivers three tasty ciders to get us through the season

Available right now (and for a limited time), you can snag a bottle of The Mitten, Old Spot, or even Kriek. But what exactly sets each of these ciders apart?

  • Kriek – The Kriek cider is described as being a full-bodied hard cider that was brewed using local Schaerbeek cherries. (I really enjoyed this cider and it paired perfectly with a cheese board.)
  • Old Spot – This is a more traditional hard cider. This is a still cider that has been barrel-aged. Old Spot is a dry cider, making it perfect for people who like a more traditional approach to apple-based hard ciders.
  • The Mitten – This cider is a bourbon barrel-aged cider that features notes of charred oak, vanilla, and a creamy caramel. Virtue Cider uses fresh apple juice when making this cider, and that definitely helps to set this one apart from the rest. (I enjoyed this cider as well, and found that it really paired well with a slice of apple pie and a piece of sharp cheddar.)

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When it comes to finding delicious Fall drinks, you don’t necessarily need a ton of ingredients. If you want to make a cocktail, that’s fine. However, if you want to just open a bottle and pour, then these hard ciders might just be the answer. And yes, they are definitely a great option for hosting a small gathering.