Should we be worried after razor blades were found in pizza dough? 

A man was arrested for tampering with pizza dough, stuffing it with razor blades, but should we be worried?

As if 2020 wasn’t delivering enough upsetting news, ABC News reports that a man has recently been arrested for stuffing pizza dough with razor blades. Where did this happen and should we be careful?

For starters, we should always be careful about where we get our food and who we get it from. Whether it’s to-go or delivery (and even dine-in), let’s be sure we trust the source. However, accidents can happen. Of course, never of this magnitude, though.

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The razor blades in the pizza dough were no accident. As the source reports, when the razor blades were found in the pizza dough, the grocery store was contacted, as well as the Saco Police Department in Maine, and security footage was reviewed.

As ABC News shares, the culprit, Nicholas R. Mitchell, was “a former associate of ‘It’ll be Pizza company’ who manufactures product for Portland Pie.” He was quickly tracked down by authorities and arrested.

Thankfully, there were no injuries reported.

Pizza dough and pizza should be razor blade-free

This is a teachable moment to be alert of our food and not just dive in. You never know! But don’t live in fear, either, there are enough things to worry about these days.

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If you ever believe your food or product has been tampered with, be sure to alert to proper authorities. Better safe than sorry!