Hormel steps into the mask arena with a breathable bacon option

Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon Facemask. Image courtesy Hormel
Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon Facemask. Image courtesy Hormel /

Hormel brings the bacon to face masks

With so many of us wearing masks every single day, it gets rather boring dealing with our own breath all the time. But Hormel wants to change that. Bring on the Black Label bacon everyone!

In a move that is so unexpected that it can only happen in 2020, Hormel has introduced breathable bacon face masks to world. And if you love bacon, then this mask absolutely has to be on your must-have list.

It may not be edible, but this mask will leave you drooling. Seriously, if the smell that wakes you up in the morning, has your stomach offering up conversation, and basically makes you want to spend your day at a breakfast buffet is bacon, then you need to check out the giveaway that Hormel is doing right now.

Hormel goes black label bacon on face masks

Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon Facemask. Image courtesy Hormel /

Starting on Oct. 14, fans of bacon can head over to the breathable bacon website and enter for a chance to with their very own pack of limited-edition breathable bacon! And for every entry into this giveaway, Hormel plans to donate one meal to Feeding America, up to 10,000 meals. So if ever there was a time to try to win a bacon face mask, this would definitely be it!

These masks feature a two-ply, multi-fiber cloth that are pork-scented perfection. I mean seriously, every single whiff of this mask screams bacon. (If you remember the Beggin’ Strips commercial with the dog happily chanting “bacon, bacon, bacon,” then you will know exactly what was going through my mind when I sniffed this mask for myself.)

The point of this mask from Hormel is to breathe in the deliciousness of bacon, while keeping out the particles in the air we are trying to avoid. And once you get that bacon barrier in place, you won’t want to take it off, unless of course there is a plate of bacon on the table in front of you.

As an added bonus, the masks (which are solid black) also feature a crispy bacon print. It basically looks like little, tiny bacons are floating across your face. It’s pretty amazing.

Basically, these masks are not only all about making our noses happy, but also about helping a good cause. And I don’t know about you, but I can get behind all of that.

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What do you think of a breathable, bacon-scented face mask? Will you be checking out this giveaway from Hormel? Tell us in the comments below.