Starbucks’ Candy Corn Cold Brew is newest addition to ‘Secret Menu’

Brach's Pie Favorites Candy Corn. Image courtest Ferrara Candy
Brach's Pie Favorites Candy Corn. Image courtest Ferrara Candy /

Starbucks’ latest secret menu item is basically just like Halloween in a cup!

First of all, what’s better than a drink that combines one of the most classic and delicious candy flavors, and the delicious strong taste of coffee, especially Starbucks coffee? I’ll wait…

This latest addition to Starbucks’ Secret Menu, once again, is coming to you from the courtesy of Totally The Bomb, which so happens to be the source of most things that get regularly added to their Secret Menu in general. Be sure to stay tuned if you’re a fan of both Candy Corn and Cold Brew from Starbucks because you’ll certainly be in luck with this one!

Starbucks is at it again with another secret menu item that’s perfect for Halloween!

Candy Corn  is definitely one of those candies that has quite the rough reputation out there. It’s not one of those ‘tolerable’ candies for some. You either love it (like me) or you hate it (like most of the population in my opinion). Maybe some people don’t like the texture, maybe it’s the taste, or maybe it’s just simply because we have yet to experience the flavors in the midst of some delicious Cold Brew coffee from Starbucks!

According to, here’s how to order this new secretly spooky drink:

  • Start off by ordering a Venti Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew
  • Instead of the typical Vanilla flavoring, substitute with some White Mocha Chocolate Sauce
  • Finally, ask for an Extra Pump of Pumpkin in the Sweet Cream (topping)

Already, this just seems like one of those secret menu drinks that might not be too difficult to order, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love that?

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Will YOU be trying one of these? What’s YOUR favorite secret menu drinks? Be sure to drop us some comments down below! Drink up because it’s Fall and Starbucks is already killing the game!