Jack in the Box is giving away Tiny Tacos with Postmates

Jack in the Box has joined with Postmates to give you a chance to win yourself some Tiny Tacos as part of their Tiny Wins promotion.

We can all agree that the world of 2020 is nothing like any of us thought it would be. It’s tough out there and most of us will take a win just about any way we can get it. Thankfully, Jack in the Box is ready to help you go for a win, no matter how small.

Jack in the Box is teaming up with Postmates for a new promotion to reward what they are calling Tiny Wins. And what do you get for your Tiny Win? Why, Tiny Tacos of course.

Win Tiny Tacos when you get a Tiny Win!

So how does it work? According to Chewboom, let’s say you managed to get off the couch today. Tiny Win! Or you took out the trash. Tiny Win! Or you rolled out of bed afternoon and made breakfast. Tiny Win! I think you get the idea.

Once you have achieved your Tiny Win, open Postmates, and answer one of the Tiny Tacos questions. Once you do, you will get a message that you’ve qualified for Tiny Tacos from Jack in the Box with any app purchase. It’s just that easy.

But wait. There’s more. If you go to your social media and share your Tiny Win with the world using the hashtag #TinyWins and share it with Jack in the Box and Postmates, you’ll have a chance to win a year’s worth of Tiny Tacos. I mean, they may be small but that’s still a lot of tacos.

Of course, getting free Tiny Tacos will only last as long as the supplies do. So get yourself a Tiny Win and get yourself small small tacos thanks to Jack in the Box and Postmates.

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How about it, faithful readers? Are you ready to get yourself a Tiny Win so you can turn that into some Tiny Tacos? Leave a comment below and share it with the group. We want to know.