Reese’s changes the Halloween game with Trick-or-Treat door

Reese's brand reinvents Halloween. image courtesy Reese's
Reese's brand reinvents Halloween. image courtesy Reese's /

Reese’s brand has saved Halloween 2020 with Trick-or-Treat door

Halloween 2020 is going to look (and feel) a little different this year, but Reese’s may just change the game and reinvent the holiday altogether.

Who are we kidding? This Halloween is going to be more than “a little different” due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Health experts are not recommending people go out to celebrate Halloween. Trick-or-treating is discouraged, as well as parties.

How can we explain to kids that trick-or-treat won’t be happening this year? Well, maybe we won’t have to! While it’s important to explain how we have to be safe, there may be plenty of candy to go around thanks to the chocolate brand.

How to get a Reese’s Halloween Trick-or-Treat door in your town

Go to Instagram and tag @Reeses to tell them why your town needs this “one-of-a-kind robotic solution to the trick or treating tradition.” Don’t forget to also use #ReesesDoor in your post!

This is how it works: Trick-or-treaters simply need to say “trick or treat” for delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to appear. Not just any Reese’s, but a king-size Reese’s candy bar from a retractable shelf will be ready to be yours. Absolutely free and hands-free, no adult nearby.

In a survey, 63% of adults wanted a fun and safe way to celebrate Halloween 2020, and our favorite chocolate brand couldn’t have come up with a better solution!

Rain or shine, this Reese’s Trick-or-Treat Halloween door will be there! Don’t forget to go to Instagram to request yours! Happy Halloween! How will you be celebrating? 

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