Gift guide for foodies: The Hickory Farms 2020 Holiday Collection

Hickory Farms new 2020 Holiday Collection
Hickory Farms new 2020 Holiday Collection /

Skip the aprons and cookie baskets this holiday season and give the gift of Hickory Farms

Spoiler alert: The foodie on your list this holiday season does not need (or want) another apron or set of oven mitts. And while cookie baskets are cute and are never out of style, why not stand out with Hickory Farms?

In addition to being a more unique gift, I think it’s safe to say 2020 hasn’t been the best year for anyone! A gift from Hickory Farms may put a smile on their face and give them something to look forward to cooking.

The Hickory Farms 2020 Holiday Collection is sure to win any foodie’s heart, especially those you struggle with figuring out what to get them. We received a box earlier this month and had so much fun devouring through the goodies.

Let’s just say our bellies were pleased and taste buds content. Whether you are searching for a gift to send to a loved one this Thanksgiving or Christmas season, Hickory Farms has it!

Below, we share our honest review and more of the products available in the 2020 Holiday Collection.

Hickory Farms Collection
Hickory Farms new 2020 Holiday Collection /

The Hickory Farms 2020 Holiday Collection

Fall Sweets & Snacks Gift Box

This is the box I received and boy does it truly have sweets and snacks! It’s the perfect combo for a foodie who enjoys both. It’s fairly priced at $32.99 and includes a generous amount of goodies:

  • Hickory Farms signature beef summer sausage (7oz)
  • Farmhouse Cheddar (4oz), Smoked Gouda Blend (6oz)
  • Cranberry Mustard (2.5)
  • Golden Toasted Crackers (1oz)
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels (2oz).

All food items are carefully and individually packed, the Cranberry Mustard is delicious! And the beef summer sausage is the best your taste buds have had. The box is beautifully decorated! It’s the perfect box to ship to a foodie this Thanksgiving as it includes a little bit of everything. Check it out HERE.

There are even more Holiday Gift Baskets to check out, just go HERE. I didn’t sample the below, but if the Fall Sweets & Snacks Gift Box is any indication, they are equally, if not more, amazing. From their page, these stand out:

  • Happy Holiday Summer Sausage & Cheese Gift Box: Want more of Hickory Farms sausage and cheese? This box is ideal!
  • Grand Holiday Gift Basket: The ultimate box. Check it out for yourself, save this one for Christmas.
  • Solid Gold Gift Tower: Wants something that is all about presentation (gorgeous wrapping), while also equally delicious, this gift tower is calling your name.
  • Fireside Favorites Gift Box and Holiday Treats Collection: I love both of these, they look absolutely delicious, are priced at the perfect budget ($35 and $30), and have so many sweets.

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Do you have any foodies on your list? Stay tuned as we’ll have more gift guides coming soon!