Denny’s is getting ready to celebrate the Blue Moon with a one day only offer

Blue Moons Over Miami / Denny's
Blue Moons Over Miami / Denny's /

Denny’s is celebrating the Blue Moon on Halloween with a special deal

For many of us, October and Halloween is the best time of the year. And with a Blue Moon happening on Oct. 31, Denny’s is doing something special. They are taking their classic Moons Over My Hammy and giving Miami-area residents an epic blue version of this tasty meal!

That’s right – for one day only some very lucky Denny’s guests will get to enjoy Blue Moons Over My Hammy! (I have never been more jealous of the people in Miami.)

Originally inspired by “Moon Over Miami,” a jazz song from 1935, Moons Over My Hammy has been a Denny’s favorite menu item for decades. So it should come as no surprise that they are taking this fan favorite and giving it a twist in honor of the Blue Moon falling on Halloween this year.

Denny’s brings us the one day only Blue Moons Over My Hammy offer

According to the press release from Denny’s (and a tweet from their social media team), on Oct. 31 there will be 20 restaurants in the Miami-Dade area offering up a very special Moons Over My Hammy dish featuring an epic blue toast. It will only be available for dine in customers, which is important if you were hoping to do a delivery order of this colorful sandwich.

Chief Brand Officer, John Dillon, “With Halloween looking very different this year, we took the opportunity to make our world famous sandwich look different as well, and this colorful upgrade gave us an opportunity to have some fun and show our guests that anything is possible in 2020!”

While it makes perfect sense to release this blue bread extravaganza in Miami since that is the inspiration for the name of the dish, it is a bit sad for those of us who enjoy a bit of color and fun in our breakfasts. Either way, we can’t wait to see the pictures popping up on social media of people chomping on this scrambled egg and ham sandwich with blue bread.

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What do you think of Denny’s offering a special Blue Moon version of their Moons Over My Hammy dish? Do you think they should have released this version of the dish in more locations? Tell us what you think in the comments.