Mountain Dew revealed this year’s VooDew flavor and all of our guesses were wrong

Halloween inspired Mountain Dew VooDew. photo provided by MTN DEW
Halloween inspired Mountain Dew VooDew. photo provided by MTN DEW /

Mountain Dew revealed the flavor for VewDoo 2, did you guess it right?

On Oct. 31, Mountain Dew finally revealed the news that we had been waiting for – the official flavor of the 2020 VooDew. This mysterious flavor arrived in October and gave us plenty of time to offer up our own guesses of what the VooDew 2 might be.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I absolutely did not have a clue. My first thought when giving the VooDew 2 a taste was that this was the Dew’s take on a cream soda. And if I had been right, I would have been floored.

Some other people I talked to suggested that maybe it was a cotton candy flavor of Mountain Dew. Honestly, after thinking this was a cream soda inspired flavor, cotton candy was definitely a great guess and I threw my guess that way. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we were wrong.

Mountain Dew reveals that the VooDew 2 flavor is “Fruit Candy Explosion”

So the official flavor of the limited edition VooDew 2 is Fruit Candy Explosion. And luckily for us, was able to give us a better explanation of this flavor.

It seems that Fruit Candy Explosion is how one would explain a flavor that was similar to Starburst candies or maybe even Skittles without using the trademarked name. (That explanation actually made a lot more sense than calling this an explosion of fruit candy flavors.)

Even after learning the actual flavor of the mystery Mountain Dew flavor, I can’t help but feel it is still closer to a cream soda than a bag of skittles in a can. Then again, maybe this is the flavor you get if you throw all of the Starburst flavors in your mouth at once and chew.

If you haven’t tried the VooDew 2, there is still time as the flavor is apparently available in stores for a limited time right now. We don’t know how long it will last, but it probably won’t be long since this was technically a Halloween flavor.

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Did you make a guess as to what flavor the VooDew 2 was? What flavor did you think this Mountain Dew was? What do you think of the actual flavor of the Dew? Tell us in the comments.