Friday favorite: For sweet and tasty snacks, Brazil is where it’s at

Brazil sweets from Itamaraty and Marilan
Brazil sweets from Itamaraty and Marilan /

Your taste buds need to go on a flavor vacation, and to please your sweet tooth, we recommend Brazil! Meet some of the most popular brands.

Now more than ever, foodies are trying to entertain their taste buds during quarantine. When you’ve had it all, why not expand? Brazil made this possible for me last month when I received a box packed with some of their most popular snack foods from brands like Itamaraty and Marilan.

The source shares that Brazil’s snack industry has been blossoming since COVID-19 arrived in March of this year. After sampling some of its treats, it is easy to see why!

Below, I share some of my favorite treats and more about each brand and flavors.

Brazil satisfy your sweet cravings

Before we proceed, I should mention that just about every single treat is a new favorite in my book! However, if I could only pick a few, here are my choices:

From Itamaraty: Look Stick Wafers in Cookies & Cream and Wafer Obsession in Chocolate and Chocolate branco.

From the packaging to the size of the stick wafer, I love everything about Look’s Stick Wafers! The Cookies & Cream flavor really blew me away.

Brazil sweets from Itamaraty and Marilan
Brazil sweets from Itamaraty and Marilan /

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They are sweet, but not overpowering, and perfect for a quick snack or on-the-go. But let’s be honest, no one is really “on-the-go” these days, so these are great for snacking while watching the latest Netflix series or movie, too. Parents, the size is great for treating your kids to one without feeling guilty.

Finally from Itamaraty, I loved the Wafer Obsession cookies! These are little bites of foodie heaven! The Chocolate and Chocolate Branco are my favorite flavor of these. They are a must-have with coffee in the morning (or night, we don’t judge!).

From Marilan: By far, my favorite from Marilan are the Mini Maizena cookies! Packaged in small bags, I sent my kiddo with a bag to school as a snack a few times, he loved them! They are simple and taste great. For when you don’t want anything too overpowering with flavor, these will hit the spot.

Speaking of hitting the spot, the Pit Stop Pizza crackers from Marilan are amazing! I recommend these as a snack while in front of the TV and road trips! Yes, they do pack on serious pizza vibes. So tasty!

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Learn more about each brand and what they have to offer in the links above! Have you ever tried a snack or treat from Brazil? Share with us!