Great British Baking Show season 11, episode 7: Everything is melting

The Great British Baking Show - Collection 6. Image Courtesy Netflix
The Great British Baking Show - Collection 6. Image Courtesy Netflix /

The Great British Baking Show was all about the 80s this week

This week’s Great British Baking Show was all about the 80s! But that wasn’t the most talked about thing in this episode. What the theme really should have been was the heat! The bakers were sweating, the custards were curdling, and the ice cream was melting all over the place.

With temperatures around 95 degrees Fahrenheit, the bakers were fighting against Mother Nature as much as they were fighting against the clock.

This week’s signature challenge was the 80s classic (although, it’s still popular today), the quiche. Most of the bakers did really well, although Steve’s take on scrambled eggs inside a quiche did not go over that well. The judges also didn’t love Lottie’s English breakfast quiche with baked beans.

Bakers dealt with the heat on this week’s Great British Baking Show

Next, the technical challenge! This week, they had to make finger donuts which aren’t something we really have in the US. They looked like a mix between a long donut and an eclair with the filling piped down the middle. Whatever they are, they looked delicious!

The frying process was definitely a challenge for some of the bakers. Steve’s donuts were WAY too dark while the others were pretty good, if not a little messy. Peter and Hermine did the best with Hermine coming in first.

The showstopper challenge could not have been planned for a worse day. Making ice cream cakes when it’s near 90 degrees is…challenging, to say the least. While some bakers fared better than others, the heat messed with everyone.

That being said, it REALLY messed up Lottie and Laura, although they also made some major mistakes. Lottie decided it was a good idea to frost her cake with ice cream and Laura forgot to turn on the ice feature on her ice cream maker so her mixture didn’t freeze in time.

While Laura’s mistake can be forgiven, I wonder how Lottie thought her concept was going to work. The whole reason ice cream cake works is because the ice cream is protected from the heat by cake. Giving it no protection (and in that heat) was a recipe for failure. And because of that, Lottie was the baker to go home this week.

Hermine got Star Baker (finally!) with her delicious-looking mango and coconut ice cream cake. Her flavors have been amazing since the beginning so it was so nice to see her finally be recognized as the top baker this week.

But perhaps the most shocking thing this week (besides Noel’s age! 47! Can I have your skincare routine, sir?) was Lottie’s confession in her exit interview. She said when she arrived, she only brought two outfits with and that she’s been wearing other contestants’ clothes the whole time. What?? That’s amazing.

Next week is dessert week so it will be interesting to see what the challenges will be and how the bakers will step up their baking as we get closer to the finale.

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