Mountain Dew has a cookbook sure to be a go-to for fans

Mountain Dew is giving us a new cookbook with DEW inspired recipe creations

Fans of Mountain Dew know about its characteristic citrus flavor just as well as they know about the added caffeine boost it possesses when compared to other sodas. Now just ahead of its 80th birthday, as reported by Delish, Mountain Dew will be releasing its very own cookbook. Mountain Dew fans everywhere can get excited for the new book which will be all about their favorite carbonated soft drink.

Throughout the last several years, Mountain Dew has become more than a drink, it has truly become a brand. They have all different types of gear available online, they are sponsors for Nascar and video games, and they have special flavors specifically made for Taco Bell. On top of all this, they have also created their own margarita cocktail recipes, a scented candle, and made their own hot sauce. The new cookbook is just the latest step in this evolution.

Mountain Dew is giving us so many epic and tasty recipes with its new cookbook

The new cookbook is exciting and it has the title “Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes” that is as direct as the Mountain Dew sodas and energy drinks. The book is 96 pages and includes roughly 40 recipes. Best of all, each recipe includes some form of Mountain Dew as an ingredient for the dish. I know you cannot hide your excitement for that.

The book is an ode and tribute to fans of Mountain Dew. The recipes are inspired by fans and some of them are even fan-created or at least fan-favorites. Mountain Dew’s Vice President of Marketing Nicole Portwood recently explained the motivation behind the cookbook in a statement by saying:

Our fans have been creating delicious, outrageous, and genuinely mind-blowing recipes with MTN DEW for years. In many ways, this is the long-overdue love letter to those beautiful edible creations and the people behind them. We’re honored to share these recipes with the world in our first-ever curated cookbook!

The cookbook is broken into six chapters which range from appetizers and side dishes to BBQ recipes and desserts. The chapters also have unique titles such as Bada$$ Breakfasts, Dippin’ with DEW, DEW Does Dinner, Satisfying Sides, Dang Good Desserts, and Liquid Legends. No matter the craving or occasion, the DEW cookbook has you covered.

Some of the recipes are as simple as two-ingredient cupcakes and there are others more complicated and rewarding such as the one I will be trying, the MTN DEW CODE RED Brisket. For those of you still unsure about what to do with your Thanksgiving turkey, try the MTN DEW LIVEWIRE Brined Turkey. It will surely be a big hit. There are also fun snacks like Jalapeno Poppers and MTN DEW infused pickles as well as soda infused dips and salsas.

The new cookbook will be available for $30 through the DEW Store. Feel free to purchase other merch while you are visiting the site. The cookbook will become available the week of November 16th, but DEW loyalists will receive advance notice by signing up for DEW Nation HQ, a DEW fan club. Supplies will be limited so you want to make sure to get yours before they are all gone.