Cheetos brings the magic of the holidays with the help of Chester and a special cookbook

BON-APPE-CHEETOS: A Holiday Cookbook by Chester & Friends. Image courtesy PepsiCo
BON-APPE-CHEETOS: A Holiday Cookbook by Chester & Friends. Image courtesy PepsiCo /

Cheetos gets into the holiday spirit with a little cooking fun

Is there anything better than snagging a bag of Cheetos for a late night snack? How about cooking with them? Introducing a holiday cookbook from Chester.

Chester is putting on his chef’s apron and calling in some friends to help this holiday season. And what better way to get into the spirit of the holidays than with a cookbook dedicated to Cheetos?

Introducing a new way to cook with the help of the BON-APPE-CHEETOS: A Holiday Cookbook by Chester & Friends. In an effort to really bring some fun to the holidays, Chester and his friends are giving us a collection of recipes that include everything from appetizers to desserts. And thanks to chefs like Anne Burrell, Ronnie Woo, and Richard Blais, we know there is likely something for everyone (not just the Cheetos lovers).

Cheetos drops an epic holiday cookbook

BON-APPE-CHEETOS: A Holiday Cookbook by Chester & Friends. Image courtesy PepsiCo /

Among the recipes that really caught my eye would have to be their take on Mac and Cheese, the epic Cheeseball that of course they shaped like a paw in the pictures, and even the Tamales (I’m picky about Tamales, but I wouldn’t mind giving these a try).

The question, of course, is how can you get your hands on one of these cookbooks, which just so happens to be a limited edition. Well, it seems that there are two options.

Up first you can make a donation to purchase one. While you can’t buy the cookbook directly, you can head to the special website set up for BON-APPE-CHEETOS and donat at least $35 to the Covid relief fund for Chefs as set up by World Central Kitchen.

The other option for possibly getting your hands on one of these cookbooks is to check out the Instagram giveaway that Cheetos is running. You’ll want to head over to their Instagram account for more information, but in order to enter you’ll need to use both #Entry and @BonAppeCheetos. I definitely recommend checking out the Instagram account for more details on what you need to do for a chance to win this cookbook.

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What do you think of Chester and his friends whipping up their own holiday cookbook? Are you going to make a donation to get one of these for yourself? Tell us what you think in the comments below.