Review: Taste testing Whisps hot and spicy cheese crisps

Whisps Launches New Hot & Spicy Cheese Crisps. Image Courtesy Whisps
Whisps Launches New Hot & Spicy Cheese Crisps. Image Courtesy Whisps /

Whisps newest cheese crisp flavor is hot and spicy but does it match up to Cheetos?

Whisps’ newest flavor is ready to heat up your taste buds. Their new Hot & Spicy flavor is supposed to be their keto answer to everyone’s favorite Flaming Hot Cheetos. But do they actually measure up to the less-than-healthy cheesy snack?

To be completely honest, these were not for me. They definitely have some kick to them which I loved and they pack a lot of cheese flavor in one bite, but the saltiness was way too much. There was also a weird aftertaste that I can’t quite describe.

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I’m always wary of “diet” foods not because of the taste (a lot of them taste fine), but because they’re usually expensive and the diet industry is not always the most ethical.

Whisps Hot & Spicy don’t match up against Flaming Hot Cheetos

But, that being said, when I was offered these to try, I figured why not? I’d never tried anything keto-related before and have wondered what all the fuss is about.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a good start. They kind of tasted like when you melt cheese down to make a crisp but the end result here just didn’t make me want to eat the whole bag.

Whisps does say they would be good mixed into soups and salads and I could definitely see that. These could be a great alternative to croutons. The lettuce and whatever dressing you used would cut the saltiness and add some spice to a boring salad. But on their own, while the spice level is great, the saltiness makes these a no-go for me.

But as taste in food is all subjective, you might end up loving them. Besides being keto-friendly, the cheese crisps are gluten-free and perfect for keto vegetarians. If you’re on the keto diet and craving chips and Cheetos like there’s no tomorrow, these might be just what you need to get your crunchy, cheesy fix.

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If you’re looking for a bag of the Whisps Hot & Spicy crisps, you can find them exclusively at Target for $3.99.