8 of the best Thanksgiving 2020 menu ideas

Denny's Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, photo provided by Denny's
Denny's Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, photo provided by Denny's /
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Hard Cider Gravy

Although there are numerous alternatives to hot, savory, juicy gravy poured over turkey on Thanksgiving day, this dynamic duo is a staple for the holiday season. Over the years, there have been various variations for both of these Thanksgiving classics.

In regards to the saucy one, a particular combination that stands out from all of the rest is hard cider mixed with Thanksgiving gravy.

It comes to us by way of a Real Simple article. The best part is that hard cider gravy isn’t all that “hard” to make and only requires a small number of ingredients. Simply put, if you have cider, salt, pepper, butter, broth, and flour; you’ve got yourself some gravy.

Turkey Sliders

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t take a moment to acknowledge the meaty part of the dynamic duo, would it? Yes, that’s right. As you may or may not know (living under a rock, I see), Thanksgiving turkey can come in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

With the ever so popular trend of burger and chicken sliders growing rapidly, it makes total sense that this trend has found its way over to the holiday of giving thanks.

Instead of giving you the rundown of the ingredients you need or how to put the sandwich together, I’m going to do one better and assume you’ve seen what a slider from Sonic looks like. Well, for the most part, it’s the same except for the fact that the turkey replaces the beef or chicken, of course.