KFC unveils vintage Holiday-themed chicken buckets

KFC Holiday Buckets, photo provided by KFC
KFC Holiday Buckets, photo provided by KFC /

KFC is getting into the Christmas spirit with a series of vintage holiday-themed chicken buckets to make your season bright.

When you think about KFC you normally think of one thing. Fried chicken. It’s what they have been doing for decades and they do it very, very well. Maybe you also think of biscuits and really, I don’t blame you. But mostly, it’s about the chicken.

And if you go to KFC to get chicken and a lot of it, then you get it in a bucket. The KFC chicken bucket has become an iconic image over the years. As a result, the design of the bucket has changed all that much. Why break something that doesn’t need fixing?

KFC holiday chicken buckets are here!

However, what you may never have realized it that KFC would add a festive Christmas design to the buckets for the holiday season. And for 2020 the holiday spirit is back with a new design as well as some old favorites.

According to Chewboom, for 2020, KFC is bringing back the bucket designs from 1966 and 1971 to give them a nice retro feel. This is in addition to a brand new design for 2020 that is partially inspired by the buckets of yesteryear. Who knew your chicken could have you singing Jingle Bells as you eat?

The 1966 and 1971 designs will start being available at KFCs everywhere on November 24 for a limited time while supplies last. So if you are a collector of all things KFC, mark that date on your calendar. The 2020 edition will be available until the end of the year so you have plenty of time.

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What do you think chicken fans? Will you be heading to your local fast food chain to grab a Christmas bucket of chicken? Leave a comment below and let us know.