Andrew Zimmern talks to us about teaming up with AARP to host a virtual Caregiver’s Thanksgiving

Celeb Chef Andrew Zimmern. Image courtesy Madeleine Hill
Celeb Chef Andrew Zimmern. Image courtesy Madeleine Hill /
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Andrew Zimmern and AARP want to make Thanksgiving a little easier this year

Thanksgiving is set to be very different in 2020 and AARP wants to help. In partnership with Andrew Zimmern, AARP is hosting a virtual Caregiver’s Thanksgiving event that will help honor the caregivers in our lives while also offering up tips and tricks for those smaller gatherings.

As part of the lead up to this virtual event, which takes place on Nov. 19, we had the chance to speak to the chef about why he wanted to partner with AARP, what his favorite Thanksgiving dish is and we even got a sneak peek at one or two of the tips and tricks that he plans to share with anyone who tunes into the event.

Andrew Zimmern brings tips and tricks to make Thanksgiving easy in 2020

Before we get into our chat with Zimmern, here is a look at what we can expect to see during the virtual Caregiver’s Thanksgiving:

  • A look at ways we can still connect with our friends and family, even if it is virtually
  • Tips to save time while cooking
  • Tips to get you through the holiday prep work
  • A look at how you can adapt in the time of Covid-19 while still enjoying holiday celebrations

If you are interested in checking out the AARP’s Caregiver Thanksgiving with Andrew Zimmern on Nov. 19, it is set to take place at 7 P.M. EST. You can watch the virtual event here.

For more on the event and all things Thanksgiving from Zimmern, check out our interview with him on the next page.