Starbucks gets into holiday spirit as they surprise us with more holiday tumblers including a new studded color

2020 Starbucks Holiday Tumblers. Image by Kimberley Spinney
2020 Starbucks Holiday Tumblers. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

Starbucks is surprising us with a new studded tumbler for the holidays

If there is one thing we look forward to throughout the year, it would have to be the new releases from Starbucks. In particular, their new tumblers. And if you are anything like me and you collect these hot and cold cups, then you might be excited to learn that they are going all out for the holidays with even more must-have tumblers.

At the beginning of November, Starbucks went all out to make the holidays merry and bright. Not only did they release a ton of new tumblers, but there were new mugs, new travel cups, new color changing cups, and even ornaments. And while we were already excited about all of this new merchandise, it seems that they are not stopping there. After all, while they gave us three new colors of textured tumblers, they weren’t the studded tumblers.

But that’s all changing according to Delish. Thanks to some savvy Starbucks fans, we now know that they are also dropping a very special studded tumbler for the holidays as well.

Starbucks drops new red tumblers for the holidays

That’s right, we are getting a brand new color of studded tumbler to end the year with! And of course it is a vibrant pop of red. (It looks like the red studded tumbler is not the only new release, but it might just be the most exciting.)

Apparently this new tumbler is being called the Neon Red Bling Cup and people are going crazy already, and that’s saying something since these aren’t set to officially hit stores until 11/24. (We all know that there are stores that have already put these out since people are already snatching them up and sharing their hauls on social media.)

As with any of their releases, there is no guarantee that your local Starbucks will receive these tumblers. And of course, just because they get them in stock, that doesn’t mean you will be able to find them with how quickly people snatch these up for themselves and reselling online.

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If you are able to snag one of these tumblers, let us know in the comments. Where did you snag the new studded tumbler? Do you like this new tumbler color? What color of studded tumbler do you want to see next?