5 non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy this holiday season

Pepsi Apple Pie, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Apple Pie, photo provided by Pepsi /

Non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy for the holidays

Just because the holidays are about celebrating, that doesn’t mean you need to have alcohol. Instead, there are plenty of other drinks you can snag to enjoy this holiday season. From sparkling waters to ciders, there are so many options out there when it comes to finding ways to quench your thirst.

Whether you are a sweet tea drinker, a fan of soda, or even a water drinker, there are always things we can opt to drink over an alcoholic beverage. From Perrier’s new Pineapple flavor to Spindrift’s Raspberry-Lime, there are a lot of fun flavors to choose from too.

Here are 5 non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy this holiday that we think you’ll enjoy no matter what you are celebrating or eating.

5 drinks perfect for the holidays

5. Spindrift Raspberry Lime sparkling water

When it comes to sparkling water, there are a lot of brands on the market. And yet, Spindrift has certainly proven to be a favorite. Ever since coming across them in Starbucks, they have become a go-to sparkling water for when I want something with fizz. At the top of the list for favorite flavors right now would have to be their Raspberry Lime, making it a winner for the holidays too.

4. Perrier Pineapple

Perrier is a carbonated mineral water that easily competes with other sparkling water brands. And yet, they certainly stand above the competition in many ways. With the recent (earlier this year) release of their Pineapple flavor, they once again prove that they can be innovated and competitive in the drink market. The fact that this flavor is perfect as a non-alcoholic drink around the holidays makes it perfect for any occasion.

3. TAZO Tea Lattes

If you want variety with your drinks and you happen to be a fan of lattes and tea, then you’ll want to snag TAZO Tea Latte Mixes. Not only do they have two new flavors as part of the collection (London Fog Latte and Rose Pink Latte), but they have some classics that everyone can appreciate including Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Classic Chai Latte. Whether you drink them over ice, heated up, or mixed with water or milk, there are a lot of ways to enjoy these latte mixes. And with how much flavor you get in every sip, you know that this is the perfect alternative to a cocktail.

2. TAZO Dessert-Inspired Teas

If you aren’t a latte fan, but you still love a tasty tea, then we have to give some love to the TAZO Dessert themed teas. Among the flavors in this line of teas we have Glazed Lemon Loaf (a favorite dessert so of course this tea is a must), Butterscotch Blondie, and Vanilla Bean Macaron. Each one sounds more delicious than the last and is perfect for drinking hot or iced! And yes, you can drink this with dessert, on its own, or even as your beverage of choice at the dinner table.

1. Pepsi Apple Pie Cola

Perhaps the ultimate drink of drinks for the holidays would have to be the limited edition Pepsi Apple Pie Cola. Forget baking and cooking or even pouring the alcohol, this is the motherload of holiday drinks. Apple Pie is the ultimate holiday flavor and once you combine that with the joy of Pepsi, it really feels like the season is made – no alcohol needed.

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