Friday Favorite: Cheryl’s Cookies Holly Jolly Gift Tin Tower is the perfect holiday gift

Holiday treats from Cheryl's Cookies / 1800 Flowers PR
Holiday treats from Cheryl's Cookies / 1800 Flowers PR /

This week’s Friday Favorite is a holiday gift standout: Cherly’s Cookies Holly Jolly Gift Tin Tower.

I was sent Cheryl’s Cookies Holly Jolly Gift Tin Tower earlier this month and let me just say, it didn’t last in my home very long as everyone quickly devoured it. And hey, no regrets!

When it comes to foodie gifts, I’ve always thought that you can’t go wrong with variety. Everyone and anyone loves a little bit of everything. This is why I’m a huge fan of Cheryl’s Cookies cookie gifts.

The brand comes up with a fun theme, depending on the holiday or celebration. This season, it’s all about Christmas! Cheryl’s Cookies has created a lovely cookie gift tower that is full of a fun variety of brownies, cookies, and other sweets.

In my home, we can’t get enough of Cheryl’s Cookies, but there are two rules we follow: The kids can have a treat after dinner, but mom and dad are free to snag a cookie at any time. The joy of being the adult, am I right?

Let’s bite into all the details about this gift and why it’s so perfect for anyone on your list. 

Cheryl’s Cookies Holly Jolly Gift Tin Tower

Priced at $59.99, Cheryl’s Cookies Holly Jolly Gift Tin Tower includes shortbread cookies, buttercream (the best) frosted cookies, red velvet muffins, chocolate mint layer bars, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, pretzels, and more!

All of these sweets come in three containers (all perfect for Christmas) stacked together to create a fun Christmas Cookie tower. Learn more about it and place your order before they are out, HERE.

This is also perfect for those on your list who have yet to try cookies and treats from the brand. What better way to see what Cheryl’s Cookies is all about than to try a little bit of everything?

The countdown to Christmas is super sweet with Cheryl’s Cookies Advent Calendar Box. dark. Next

Which treat from Cheryl’s Cookies is your favorite?