Taco Bell: 10 best menu items

Taco Bell At Home Taco Bar. Image Courtesy Taco Bell Corp.
Taco Bell At Home Taco Bar. Image Courtesy Taco Bell Corp. /
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Taco Bell
Photo: Taco Bell for National Taco Day, photo courtesy Taco Bell /

Taco Salad

And now, a moment of silence for another Taco Bell classic that’s gone too soon.

This entry is all about Taco Bell’s Taco Salad. If you’re looking to get your hands on this scrumptious sensation, It’s unfortunate that I have to write that Bell’s taco salad been discontinued.

While this cherished fast food favorite is no longer here with us, it leaves behind a lasting legacy of satisfaction and cheesy, beefy goodness. For all the fast food historians out there, the salad was first introduced in 1984. Served in a taco shaped bowl filled with all the essentials of a great taco salad, this item is truly missed.

Despite being a mainstay on their menu for quite some time, the item was discontinued via Taco Bell earlier this year.

Taco Supreme

No disrespect intended to Taco Bell’s standard Taco, but if we’re talking best of, then their Supreme is an ideal pick. It’s quite odd to think that just by adding some tomatoes and sour cream to a regular their regular taco, you get what many consider to be one of Taco Bell’s greatest hits.

Unlike the previous entry, this item is still available for purchase, and for any supreme fan who fears this classic ceases to exist like many others before, I say this: c’mon, it’s Taco Bell’s taco supreme, for crying out loud. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.