The Holiday Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit is the perfect edible Christmas activity

Bond (or keep the kiddos busy) this Christmas with a Holiday Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit from The Popcorn Factory.

Whether you are spending the holidays with family or a small group of family members or friends, at holiday events there are almost always children. The answer to keeping them busy? The Popcorn Factory’s Holiday Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit.

At holiday parties or pre-holiday activities, there are always cookies that need decorating. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but when I saw The Popcorn Factory offered Popcorn Ball Decorating Kits, I was even more intrigued.

This activity is more unique and challenging, in my opinion. It turns out this isn’t a new product, The Popcorn Factory also offers these just for fun or other holidays.

What I highly recommend is joining the kids and creating popcorn Santa’s and snowman’s, but if you need to keep the children distracted, there’s no judgment here! Either way, they will have so much fun. Not to mention, they’ll be able to eat all the treats after — Just be sure to take pictures to capture the memories!

The Popcorn Factory sent a kit my way and we saved it for a post-Thanksgiving dinner activity! And boy did we all have a fun time! But also, let me just say that I’m not as artistic as I thought.

The Popcorn Factory’s Holiday Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit tips and review

Learn from my mistakes, I did not warm up the coloring paint tubes (Candy Writer) so I had two very jumpy and impatient kiddos. What I suggest is to have a cup of warm water on the table and let these sit for a few minutes (5-7) before you begin — and dip them back in after each use to keep them going.

Eight Popcorn Balls come with this kit, which is plenty for a small family of four or five to make multiple creations (and even more goodies to eat). You’ll also get mini Grahams, tootsie rolls, holiday taffy, mini marshmallows, and more!

We created a Santa and a Snowman, the other popcorn balls we used for experimenting (and munching).

Order one before they are out! And check HERE for more gifts for kids from The Popcorn Factory.