Prepare yourself for the triumphant return of 3D Doritos

Doritos Cool Ranch, photo provided by Doritos
Doritos Cool Ranch, photo provided by Doritos /

Not seen on store shelves since the early 2000s, word is that 3D Doritos are going to be making a comeback early next year.

When it comes to snacks, few are as popular and beloved as Doritos. The snack chips with a bite have been pleasing snackers of all ages since the last 1960s when they were first introduced. Here’s a fun fact for you: nacho cheese flavor, the default flavor of a Dorito, wasn’t introduced until 1972.

Anyway, in the years since the chips have introduced any number of flavors and styles. One of the most popular has always been Cool Ranch and the chips have become synonymous with the Super Bowl thanks to their memorable ads.

Now, fans can prepare themselves for the return of a classic style of Doritos that takes things to a new dimension.

3D Doritos are coming back to a store near you.

It is being reported by Delish that the much-missed 3D Doritos will be back beginning in early 2021. The chips are miniature versions of the snack and as the name implies, are 3D shaped which adds to the crunchiness of the chips.

Word is that the reborn 3D Doritos will be available in two different flavors to start. One will be Chili Cheese Nacho and the other will be Spicy Ranch. You can be sure that if sales are strong, which it is expected they will be, more flavors will follow.

According to Frito-Lay, the makes of Doritos, the return of the 3D version of the chips has been highly requested for a while now. Which shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait that much longer to get your hands on some. It is expected that these will be on store shelves starting January 18 of next year.

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What do you think fellow snackers? Is the return of 3D Doritos a cause for celebration or do you prefer your snacks in a strictly non-3D form? Leave a comment below and share with the rest of the class.