New Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle offer taste buds the sweetest hug

Rice Krispies Treats launch Homestyle flavors. Image courtesy Kelloggs
Rice Krispies Treats launch Homestyle flavors. Image courtesy Kelloggs /

Just in time for the holiday season, Rice Krispies Treats is launching new edible hugs with brand new homestyle flavors.

We love the new Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle for so many reasons! Learn all about your taste bud’s favorite snack, below!

If you’re like us foodies at Guilty Eats, cravings hit hard around the holiday season! There’s the stress, the delicious snacks and treats that our favorite brands launch, and the nostalgic feels to eat something that will remind us of when we were kids, which I’m sure we can all agree was a simpler time! I’m looking at you, COVID-19…

Enter Rice Krispies Treats, a brand we already love and is oh so tasty! Kellogg’s is introducing Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle, flavors that will remind you of comfort snacks and being a kid.

Let’s be honest, who has time to cook anymore? To be more clear, who has time for it in 2020? These days, we are either stuck with too much time on our hands or none at all! I’m the latter, so when Kellogg’s sent these my way, I was so grateful!

My kids LOVE these new flavors! Needless to say, that made me very happy as a mom, since Rice Krispies Treats have always been a favorite of mine.

Where and when can you find Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle in stores?

You’ll be happy to learn that these new Homestyle flavors, available both in original and chocolate, arrive in sores beginning January 2021! They will be available in both six-bar and 12-bar boxes.

Why are they so different? More marshmallows. This means softer (don’t worry, the crunch is still there) and sweeter treats!

The chocolate flavor ones are a dream! Your taste buds will thank you endlessly.

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What was your favorite snack or treat growing up? Will you be searching for these in stores?