Is Red Lobster Open Christmas Day 2020?

Red Lobster Releases Limited-Edition Hot Holiday Gift. Image courtesy Red Lobster
Red Lobster Releases Limited-Edition Hot Holiday Gift. Image courtesy Red Lobster /

Will you be able to eat cheddar bay biscuits and lobster at Red Lobster on Christmas Day this year once Santa leaves?

Believe it or not, not everyone loves making a big dinner once the gifts have been opened on Christmas Day. As odd as it may seem, a trip to Red Lobster for a steak, some shrimp, and a couple of baskets of cheddar bay biscuits sounds way more appealing instead.

And some years, that would be possible. More and more restaurants now stay open on Christmas Day for people who maybe don’t want to cook or just want to get out of the house. But as everyone is very well aware, 2020 is not like most years.

Many restaurants are closing for the holiday due to COVID-19 restrictions depending on where you live or just as a way to say thanks to employees who have gone above and beyond.

So is Red Lobster open on Christmas Day?

According to the Red Lobster website, all Red Lobster restaurants will be closed on Christmas Day as well as closing early on Christmas Eve. That means no cheddar bay biscuits for you until Saturday at the earliest (unless you snag a box of the mix at the store and bake them yourself).

Really, who can blame them? The CDC has been pretty adamant that for all intents and purposes if you want to be safe you should just stay home with just your immediate family. But if you really want seafood, there’s nothing stopping you from getting some shrimp and a lobster and making a seafood feast of your very own.

Red Lobster will reopen on Saturday, December 26 to take care of all your seafood desires. Believe me, one day without lobster and cheddar bay biscuits won’t kill you.

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So what are your plans for Christmas Day dinner Guilty Eats Nation? What are you and the family planning to make? A beef roast? Microwave lasagna?