Grubhub offers their predictions for what people will be ordering in 2021

Just Salad and Grubhub launch Health Tribes, photo provided by Grubhub
Just Salad and Grubhub launch Health Tribes, photo provided by Grubhub /

Grubhub is predicting the top food orders of 2021 now

Grubhub is breaking out their crystal ball and looking to the future. Or maybe they are just paying attention to what people are currently ordering. Either way, the food delivery service is giving us a sneak peek at 2021 and what they believe people will be ordering throughout the new year.

While we can’t necessarily predict the future, it seems as if Grubhub is doing their best to do just that. And what better way to predict 2021 trends than by looking at some of the more popular orders of 2020.

According to a press email from Grubhub, it looks like 2021 will be the year of the breakfast foods. And considering how many new cereals and breakfast related trends popped up in 2020, it actually makes perfect sense. Even if cereal isn’t on the list of foods that will be heavy favorites for delivery orders, it certainly helps to lead us in the direction of breakfast appreciation.

The top 10 foods Grubhub predicts their customers will order in 2021

So what exactly does the delivery service believe we will be ordering more of in the new year? It looks like we may be opting for some healthier options along with the breakfast. In the top 10 of what Grubhub believes we will be ordering we have:

  • 10. Baja Fish Tacos
  • 9. Beef bulgogi (I love that this made the list and hopefully it does end up being a top order.)
  • 8. Country fried steak
  • 7. Loaded cheesesteak
  • 6. Karaage (Japanese fried chicken)
  • 5. Mushroom veggie burger
  • 4. Sausage sandwich (If we add cheese to this, I am there!)
  • 3. Cauliflower wings
  • 2. Bacon egg cheese sandwich
  • 1. Plant-based sausage burrito

With three of the top five predicted orders being breakfast related, it would be interesting to see how many people are giving breakfast love now that more people are working from home. Is this because we have more time to make breakfast and actually eat it? Or maybe it is like a comfort food for people.

I really don’t think any of these items would have been my own predictions list of foods people would be ordering in 2021. However, it will be interesting to see if Grubhub got their predictions right. We may have to wait another year to see if their foodie crystal ball is correct, but for now this is inspiring us to think outside the box when it comes to placing our next delivery order.

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What do you think of these foodie predictions? Do you think this will end up being accurate? What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments below.