Is Olive Garden open on New Year’s Day 2021?

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, photo courtesy Olive Garden
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, photo courtesy Olive Garden /

Will Olive Garden be open on New Year’s Day?

Don’t you want to start the new year with unlimited breadsticks and pasta? Who doesn’t? Olive Garden may not be the most authentic Italian restaurant to ever exist, but where else are you gonna get all the breadsticks you could ever eat? Whether you can have all that deliciousness on New Year’s Day is the real question here. With the way 2020 went, you never know.

So is Olive Garder open on Jan 1? It is! The restaurant will be open during their normal business hours on New Year’s Day. That being said, you should definitely check your local restaurant’s hourrs to see if they’re open and what their hours are.

You’ll also want to see how they’re dealing with orders. Are they doing curb-side and pick-up only or are they letting people eat inside in a socially-distant way? It’s best to know that before you go.

Olive Garden is open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

If you’re looking to get some fettuccine Alfredo or some lasagna with your breadsticks on New Year’s Eve, Olive Garden will be open during their regular hours then as well.

If I didn’t already have plans to become one with my couch and stuff cheese puffs and a Hickory Farms package into my mouth while watching movies until 2 AM on Jan 1, I would totally be ordering some Olive Garden.

Warm breadsticks and some pasta sound like a great way to try to forget 2020 ever existed. If you don’t have plans, an order from Olive Garden might just be the thing you need to ring in the new year.

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Will you be ordering from Olive Garden on New Year’s? What’s your favorite dish there? Let us know in the comments below!