Is Burger King open New Year’s Day 2021?

A general view of a sign for the Burger King drive-through (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)
A general view of a sign for the Burger King drive-through (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images) /

Is Burger King open or closed for business today, New Year’s Day 2021?

Burger King is usually open on most holidays, but what about New Year’s Day 2021? After all, it’s been one heck of a year (and not in a good way). Here’s what we know.

With how different this New Year’s Day will be, all foodies are likely planning what they’ll be eating, or where they’ll even be able to stop by for their favorite. Because don’t we all deserve to start off the year with our favorite fast food meal? I think we do!

So whether you woke up craving Burger King today or it’s simply your go-to, here’s what we know about the fast food joint’s operation hours on New Year’s Day 2021.

Burger King is open on New Year’s Day 2021

Rejoice, Burger King fans! The fast food restaurant is open and ready to serve hungry fans on New Year’s Day 2021! In fact, I have yet to find a location that is closed. Still, it is always best to check in on what is happening at your local restaurant.

This includes dine-in (at select locations), to-go orders, and delivery.

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Some locations may have shorter hours or operation. For the most part, it should all be the same nationwide, but you never know! I’m betting all locations are eager to serve, though, especially with how many will be waking up a little hungover today. Hey, no judgment! We are Guilty Eats, after all.

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Other fast food restaurants that are open today include McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Boston Market, and more! In fact, even Chick-fil-A is open today. For the most part, all major fast food chains are opening up their doors today, just as they did on New Year’s Eve 2020.