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SPT Mini Kegerator & Dispenser
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Mini Kegerator & Dispenser ($158.06)

For the beer lovers, this mini kegerator has an LED temperature display and lets you adjust the temperature so your beverage is at your optimal temperature.

Works great. As a Brit I know how to use these things. Here are some tips from practical use of three of these things:
1. Get the temperature down to 40F or less to prevent foaming. Put the keg in the fridge before putting in the kegerator to speed cooling.
2. Don’t overgas on a new keg or you’ll get foaming. Great if you like German-style serving. Not if you don’t. Doesn’t apply to Heineken or Newcastle kegs as they’re pre-gassed. Expect foaming for the first pint or so with them. Should be ok after that.
3. Some kegs better than others in terms of German kegs re connecting. Bitburger had the correct fittings. Warsteiner and others need to have the top fitting removed and replaced with the ones provided by SPT. A pain sometimes. The Heineken/Newcastle ones are easy connections. They’re provided by SPT. Easy drinking, but you’ll like other beers more as you try them.
4. Now and again you’ll get a little gas escaping when putting in a new CO2 cylinder. I’ve found a little lube helps. I’ve had one bad insert. I decided it’s best to take the CO2 housing out of it’s clip in the lid and put the canister in vertically. If you get leaks, check the black o-ring. Replace if it looks distorted or worn. SPT provide spares. I’ve done this once.
5. You can get beer-branded handles off Ebay (lots) or Amazon (few). Makes it easy for party guests to see what they’re drinking!
6. It’s ok to re-use kegs and decant the beer you like from cans, growlers and bottles you like. The alcohol, refrigeration and carbonation are the three reasons it will stay fresh for weeks.
6. That’s it. Everyone loves it when they come to my house! Shop around for good prices on kegs. Total and More often have specials, and their Newcastle is cheap at the time if writing.” — Peter S. Granger

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