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Hamilton Beach Automatic Can Opener
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Hamilton Beach Automatic Can Opener ($29.85)

Makes opening cans a breeze. This electric can opener cuts cans along the sides for smooth, touchable lids.

This thing is NEAT! I rarely put much thought in the purchase of a can opener, but when my old one died, I needed a replacement. Although the price of this opener is higher than a standard can opener, the “Smooth Touch” intrigued me. I was not disappointed! First, let me say that using this can opener is a no brainer, and it’s extremely easy to use. I always fought with my old can opener to actually “hold” the can properly so it could cut the lid, and more often than not, the lid would still be partially attached, forcing me to fish around the sharp edges to pull it up.
With this can opener, you lift the handle, place the can underneath, and then lower the handle. It grabs the can so easily, it made me realize how much of a hassle my old opener really was (sometimes it’s the little things you don’t notice). The can locks in securely, so no worrying about it dropping off once the opener completes its rotation.
This can opener leaves the lid’s edges completely smooth, as well as the rim inside the can. The lid will fit flush with the can after opening, so with things like cat food, I simply replace the lid and store it in the fridge (I wouldn’t recommend this for long term storage). The build quality seems pretty good. It has decent weight, so it won’t slide around, and nothing feels cheap about this appliance.

My final thought: This can opener is especially great for children or the elderly, where ease of use and avoiding cuts from a can is a concern.” — Demaray

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