30 High Tech Kitchen Items You Can Buy on Amazon

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Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener
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Electric Wine Opener ($23.51)

Wine lovers never battle with a finicky cork ever again. This rechargeable electric wine opener removes a cork in seconds.

Bought this bad boy for work. The reviews were either great or people were upset about the battery. Ive had it at work over a month now and opened 1000s of bottles of wine with ease with it. I give this thing raving live reviews. I havent had a cork break off or any cork in the bottles since i purchased it. If the motor had gone out after 100 bottled id have called it worth my money but its still working 1000s later. It does seem to be going a little slower and the charger base is getting a tad finicky but ill just order another happily when it does go out.” — Julie Mozingo

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