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Ninja Blender System
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Ninja Kitchen Blender System ($155.74)

This blender system is a multitude of tools. There is a traditional blender, a single size blender for individual smoothes, a food processor, and a dough blade. Use this system for smoothes, soups, dips, doughs, and so much more.

Wow where do I start. Im the type of person that always reads reviews and does my homework b4 buying anything especially anything electronic.
When this unit came I unpackaged it from the box which was double boxed in shipping the packaging was amazing I Think you could have thrown it over an embankment and it wouldnt have a scratch on it.
About the blender and the processor. Its been quite some time since I have purchased a good one oh yeah I have one of the Hamiltn beach ones but Omg I was blown out of the water on this set it will pulverize anything you put in it . Never seen cuttung blades designed like this b4 they will cut and yes they are sharp like a razor so be careful I cut myself the first time I cleaned it up but now I let it just air dry much safer lol.
The dough blades in the processor are my favorite I make buttermilk buiscuts alot for breakfast and you talk about fast put all my ingredients in shut the lock lid and push the dough button and pow its done dump it out on my counter cut them out bake them and have great buiscuts.
Did I mention this set comes with locking lids for saftey wonderful love them. And the base has a suction cup on bottom that stays on the counter right where you put it . I am overall Very Pleased with this set and was well worth the money with shipping on amazon and everything you can’t touch this set anyplace else for this price Especially the 1500 Watt unit beleive me I did my homework lol. It is very POWERFUL. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED ITS WELL BUILT” — Archee

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