30 High Tech Kitchen Items You Can Buy on Amazon

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Revolution Cooking Smart Toaster
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Revolution Cooking Smart Toaster ($279.95)

This toaster has a touchscreen that lets you choose between a multitude of settings–five food settings (from bagels to toast to English muffins), three toasting modes (fresh, frozen, reheat), and seven browning levels. There is also a screen brightness adjuster. Proprietary InstaGlo heating technology promises quick, even, and consistent toasting.

I have to say, this toaster was well worth the investment. This one beat my old toaster by mile in terms of how fast it toasts, and it adjusts easily and well to waffles and bagels. The toaster has a fantastic digital display too. I love the 10 second countdown feature so I can get my butter in place and slather it one while the toast is hot. The design is sleek and elegant, and my favorite surprise is the analog clock display. This makes my old toaster obsolete and is now collecting dust in the bottom cupboard.” — Rob

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