30 High Tech Kitchen Items You Can Buy on Amazon

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Anova Sous Vide
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Anova Sous Vide ($177.99)

The Anova Sous Vide provides precision cooking. The device can be used to cook with the controls or via app. Use the Anova app to access thousands of free recipes and monitor your cook via smartphone.

This is well worth the price! This is the way to cook beef, chicken or salmon. Delicious results. Don’t get any special bag to cook with. Sealable baggies work great. You don’t need that $70 sealer or special rolls of bags. I didn’t get the special $69.99 cooking container. My dutch oven worked great. If you increase cooking time decrease the temperature the recipe calls for a little. I think low temp long cooking time produces the best result. I did chicken thighs. Then sear. Cast iron skillet is the only way to sear. 1 tablespoon butter. 1 tablespoon EVOO. Heat to just smoking. 1 clove garlic minced. Quick sear 3 minutes each side. Perfection!” — Michele LePage

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