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Amazon Dash Smart Shelf
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Amazon Dash Smart Shelf ($11.99)

The auto-replenishment scale senses the weight of items and places a reorder or notifies you when you’re running low. Great for pantry essentials that you never want to find yourself short of.

“So I will admit, when I first got a dash smart shelf I was pretty skeptical. Do I really need another gadget in my house? As it turns out, this little guy has been super useful! My family buys our toilet paper and paper towels in bulk and we store them in the basement. Family members run down and grab some extra TP or a roll of paper towels when needed. Since the TP & paper towels are downstairs, they are pretty much out of mind until the ‘oh crap’ moment when I realize we have run out. I feel like we always run out at the most inconvenient times too haha- like when someone spills a gallon of milk or we have guests coming over. Which is why the smart shelf has proven so be so useful, it will automatically re-order my bulk TP and paper towels so I don’t have to worry about it.” Kaitlin Werling

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