30 High Tech Kitchen Items You Can Buy on Amazon

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Breville Indoor Smokeless Grill
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Breville Smokeless Indoor Grill ($299.95)

This grill has  adjustable height control, variable temperature control, and removable non-stick plates for easy cleaning. Great for indoor BBQ or paninis.

“I recently bought this grill. I live in a condominium in downtown and this works completely as advertised. It got great reviews and my mind was set on purchasing it but reading some of the customer reviews made me wonder about a couple things like is it really easy to clean and is the surface durable. Everything works as advertised. The challenges people need to read the instructions. You cannot use non-rubber utensils so you must make sure you have heat resistant rubbery or utensils. You can’t use a hard scrubber to clean it but a standard plastic yellow scrubbing sponge works. The kind you would find at your local grocers for a few bucks. But most of all the heating element is excellent. It gets grill hot Really fast and easily adjust to various temperatures. Filleted adjust to several heights making it great for sandwiches burgers chicken breasts anything. And there’s a cool timer and just overall brilliantly designed. So don’t let the naysayers fool you. I just don’t think they read the manual and follow the instructions. And that’s OKI’ve done that myself sometimes. But if you take the time to read the instructions you will love this grill. I bought it over a month ago and had to come back to write this review because I didn’t want someone to overlook this product for the wrong reasons. Worth every penny and looks great too.” Nia Celestin

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