30 High Tech Kitchen Items You Can Buy on Amazon

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Breville Smart Fryer
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Breville Smart Fryer ($139.94)

The Breville Smart Fryer uses Cool Zone Technology to prevent excess burning and extend oil life. The LCD food menu helps  automatically select the correct time and temperature necessary and allows oil to rapidly recover back to desired frying temperature. Also makes adjustments for fresh or frozen ingredients at the touch of a button.

Really love the look, size, and ease of use offered by this fryer. I have used it several times and notice that it keeps a solid cooking temperature all the way through the fry. The unit was easy to clean and stores away easily thanks to the folding basket. The unit does come with a couple of sharp edges as others have mentioned. This has not been a problem for me. You are probably not going to be able to fry a whole chicken in this small fryer but will have no problem in frying a couple of pieces at a time. This might not be the fryer for you if you have a large family. But for one or two people who enjoy the occasional perfect plate of fries and some chicken sandwiches, then this fryer cant be beat.” — Zoey & The Moon Baby

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