30 High Tech Kitchen Items You Can Buy on Amazon

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Heston Cue Bluetooth Enabled 11" Fry Pan and 1600w Electric Cooktop Bundle
Heston Cue/Amazon /

Hestan Cue Bluetooth Enabled 11″ Fry Pan and Electric Cooktop Bundle ($399.95)

The smart cookware and smart cooktop set is a bluetooth connected induction stovetop and frypan that helps you cook things perfectly. The Cue app offers hundreds of video tutorials and tips fit for cooks at every level.

A COOKTOP POWERED WITH INTELLIGENT HEAT: An induction cooktop that gives you to-the-degree temperature control. 1600 Watts of concentrated intelligent heat designed to rapidly increase or decrease the temperature of your cooking surface. The Cue induction cooktop gives you the ability to heat your cookware from room temperature to 450F (or any temperature in-between) in under 45 seconds. via Amazon

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