Pizza Hut vs Papa John’s: Which one is best?

When it comes to pizza, is Pizza Hut or Papa John’s your go-to?

Welcome, foodies, to another VS edition! This time, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are battling it out to see which chain reigns supreme.

Here at Guilty Eats, we love to have our favorite brands fight for our tastebud’s hearts! We’ve done it with sparkling water, popcorn, and, most recently, donuts chains! This time, we are pinning pepperoni with pepperoni to try to decide which pizza chain is the best between Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.

If you were to ask me to choose between one without giving it some thought, I wouldn’t know which to pick! I truly love them both.

Is there one I order more from? Yes, and I’ll reveal which one it is in just a second! But first, let’s break it down by categories and thoughts! And please share which one your personal favorite is with us! We would love to know.

Pizza Hut vs Papa John’s


Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are two of the biggest pizza chains in the games. Both always dish out some hot (literally and figuratively) deals, have a great selection of pizza, and competitive prices. But how do they stand out?

Currently, Pizza Hut has a great $11.99 Stuffed Crust offer. I actually plan on ordering this over the weekend, you can’t beat a good stuffed crust at that price! Did we mention it’s a Large with three toppings?

Not so fast, though, Papa John’s has a deal of their own, a stuffed crust deal! It’s the Epic Stuffed Crust 1-Topping Pizza. Ooh, did you catch that? A 3-topping stuffed crust from Pizza Hut vs 1-topping stuffed crust pizza from Papa John’s for $12 — Pizza Hut already has the upper hand here with deals.

Delivery time

Speaking from personal experience, and I’ve ordered a lot of pizza in my time. Domino’s is the fastest to arrive (and actually my personal favorite), but Domino’s isn’t in this race. That said, it’s Papa John’s who takes the crown when it comes to delivery time.

Pizza Hut is always a little late, which hey, may not be as bad for you since the prices are a little better. It’s up to you!


I’m sorry, Papa John’s, but Pizza Hut just has better tasting cheese in my opinion! And if there’s one thing about pizza, is that it’s all about the cheese– you can’t tell me any different!

If the cheese isn’t good, it’s just not a good pizza. This isn’t to say that Papa John’s isn’t good, it’s great, but my taste buds crave Pizza Hut more than the other. And when I can’t make up my mind, I go with the best price.

This is all my humble foodie opinion, though, tell me your thoughts! Which pizza chain is your favorite?