Taco Bell is bringing back potatoes this March

Due to overwhelming demand, Taco Bell has announced they are once again adding potatoes to the menu in two varieties.

When you think of Taco Bell, potatoes aren’t usually the first thing to come to mind. Sure, Nacho Fries have been a huge hit for the fast food chain but they have come and gone from menus more times then the McRib.

No, when you think of Taco Bell it’s all about burritos, tacos and chalupas. So they must have been just as surprised by the public’s reaction to the addition of potatoes to the menu as the rest of us. When they added two different varieties they were a monster hit and fans were a bit perturbed when they vanished due to the pandemic.

So it should come as no surprise that The Bell is bringing potatoes back.

Potatoes return to Taco Bell this March.

The potato loving folks at Chewboom are reporting that Taco Bell is returning potatoes to their menu due to overwhelming fan-demand. The potatoes will come in two varieties starting March 11 of this year. So yes, you now have something to look forward to.

First up is the Spicy Potato Soft Taco which will set you back a whole dollar. Think of a classic soft taco filled with potatoes instead of beef or chicken that has a kick. That is followed by the popular Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes which will cost you a hair under a buck fifty.

In addition, Taco Bell has announced that you will be able to substitute AVA-certified vegan potato bites for any protein on the menu.

You may remember that potatoes were originally removed from the Taco Bell menu as a result of the pandemic as the chain tried to simplify their menu. With their return it will hopefully mean that other items that fans miss will soon be making a comeback as well.

What are your thoughts Guilty Eats Nation? Are you thrilled with the return of potatoes to Taco Bells everywhere? Or are you just there for the burritos after a night of adult beverages? Leave a comment below or join the conversation on our Twitter page.