Pillsbury is celebrating Valentine’s Day with two ready-to-bake sugar cookie options

Pillsbury Ready to Bake Heart Shape Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough. Image courtesy of Pillsbury and General Mills
Pillsbury Ready to Bake Heart Shape Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough. Image courtesy of Pillsbury and General Mills /

Pillsbury is helping us get into the spirit of love with new sugar cookies

Looking for a tasty way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Pillsbury has us covered with not one, but two ready-to-bake sugar cookie doughs.

Whether we are looking to celebrate a holiday or show off our fan appreciation, Pillsbury is here for us. From holiday-themed cookies to characters like Scooby-Doo, Elf, and Snoopy, to name a few, there is a sugar cookie for all of us. (Of course, even the non-sugar cookie lovers can get their hands on delicious ready-to-bake cookie doughs.)

However, we are here for the Valentine’s Day cookies! In fact, this year we are getting to enjoy not one, but two limited edition heart cookies.

Valentine’s Day magic with Pillsbury comes in the shape of hearts

So what exactly are these sugar cookies that we are baking for Valentine’s Day? According to the press email we received, there is the Hearts Shape Sugar Cookie Dough and the Heart Shape Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough.

The Hearts Shape Sugar Cookie Dough is simply a round cookie dough with red and pink hearts in the center of each round. On the other hand, the Heart Shape Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough is exactly what it sounds like – a heart shaped sugar cookie. And just like the box suggests, these hearts are perfect for decorating with sprinkles, frosting, and whatever else makes your heart happy!

Each box of cookie dough will cost approximately $2.50 each and give us 20 delicious cookies to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Available across the country, these heart cookies will only be available for a limited time, so you’ll want to grab them while you can.

We can’t wait to bake up some hearts with Pillsbury. How about you?

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Are you a fan of Pillsbury’s sugar cookie dough? Will you be baking up either of these heart cookies this Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments below.