There’s a new bottled iced tea in the TAZO family

TAZO's new Calm Tea. Image courtesy of TAZO
TAZO's new Calm Tea. Image courtesy of TAZO /

TAZO releases a new flavor of bottled iced tea

There is a new tea in town (or the grocery store). Or at the very least, there is a new flavor of iced tea in the TAZO line of bottled iced teas.

Introducing their new, CALM tea! Joining the family that already includes PASSION, ZEN, and AWAKE, this new team is all about finding a sense of calm in the middle of any hectic day. And if you are a fan of TAZO tea, then you probably already know all about this particular tea.

For those unfamiliar with the CALM tea, this is a beverage that really leans into the magic of chamomile, long known for its ability to soothe and relax. (In fact, chamomile is probably most popular in teas that promote sleep and peace.)

TAZO adds CALM to their bottled iced tea line

For this new bottled tea, we are getting “a soothing blend of chamomile, lemongrass, hibiscus, and spearmint.” Not only is this tea free of caffeine, but it is also low in sugar as well.

The approximate price for a 42 ounce bottle of the TAZO CALM is around $3.79, making this a great addition to any tea lovers refrigerator. And with it dropping in stores this month (Jan. 2021), we can start indulging in a little bit of calm right away.

As someone who loves most chamomile based tea, this is definitely an exciting release, especially since I already love brewing up a hot cup of CALM tea. I would have never thought to make this an iced tea and now I can’t wait to enjoy an ice, cold glass of this soothing tea.

With the addition of the CALM to the TAZO bottled iced tea lineup, we can now spend an entire day sipping on a variety of delicious herbal (and black) teas that will do everything from invigorate us to adding a bit of passion to our days. From PASSION to CALM, these teas are definitely a must have in every tea drinkers fridge.

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Are you excited for the arrival of CALM? Will you be giving this new bottle of TAZO tea a taste? Tell us what you think in the comments.