Taco Bueno deals: New $6 Bueno Box

Walking Tacos. Image courtesy PepsiCo
Walking Tacos. Image courtesy PepsiCo /

It’s all bueno at Taco Bueno, especially with this new $6 deal!

At Guilty Eats, we love a good foodie deal any day of the week, but these are even better as we head into the weekend! Here’s how Taco Bueno just made our day.

The popular fast food joint has a lot of competition at the moment. Not only is every fast food restaurant dishing out new offerings and ways for guests to save some money due to COVID-19, but it’s also the first month of a new year so everyone is competition is fresh!

Do you have one particular favorite or go-to fast food restaurant? Or do you love too many to decide? At Guilty Eats, you likely already know the answer. We could never pick just one.

Whether you love Taco Bueno or all fast food joints, read on for the latest deal.

What’s new at Taco Bueno?

The fast food chain is offering a new box option that has captured all of our attention (and taste buds)  — and it’s only $6.

Chewboom reports that the $6 Bueno Box includes a Party Burrito, Party Taco, and your choice of Muchaco or Combo Burrito. Which will it be? Additionally, this is served with a side of chips and queso, and a small drink.

Yes, it is only $6 for all of the above.

If you’re not sure what a Muchaco is, we’ll break it down for you: It’s fluffy pita bread stuffed with slow-cooked refried beans, your choice of chicken or ground beef, and cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

The Party Tacos are party-size taco shells with ground beef, lettuce, and cheddar cheese! The Party Burrito is even tastier as it features a melted blend of cheddar and jack cheese, spicy chili sauce, and refried beans!

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What will you be having this weekend? Which meal from Taco Bueno is your favorite?