Ben & Jerry’s released a new line of ice cream specifically for our dogs

If you’re like just about any and every dog lover out there in the world, then you surely know the feeling of what it’s like to look to your right or left and see nothing but those soulful beautiful dog eyes staring back at you while you’re eating your favorite treats and snacks alike.

Recently, Ben & Jerry’s answered all of our most-asked questions and concerns about sharing frozen treats with our dogs. And how did they do this? By coming out with a brand new product called Doggie Desserts! Yes, you’re probably thinking the exact right thing: ice cream for my pups!

Kicking it off over here, Ben & Jerry’s have come out with two different flavors of Doggie Desserts ice cream for dogs, and those flavors go as follows: Pontch’s Mix and Rosie’s Batch. Yes, the names are based on Pontch ( a french Bulldog ) and Rosie ( a rescue of mixed heritages)! How cool!

Dive into your own pint (we don’t judge) of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, all while your dogs enjoy theirs as well!

The first flavor, Pontch’s Mix, is a Frozen Dog Treat With Peanut Butter & Pretzel Swirls. The second flavor, Rosie’s Batch, is a Frozen Dog Treat With Pumpkin & Mini Cookies.

Wanna share a pint that’s similar to your dog’s new flavors, all while they devour their own? Try out these two human flavors that are similar enough to basically be the alternative for each – Chubby Hubby (the delish alternative to Pontch’s Mix) and Pumpkin Cheesecake (the human alternative to Rosie’s Batch).

Each flavor will be sold in individual serving sizes for your pups, as well as in a convenient four-pack as well! Each individual serving size of both flavors will run you $2.99 each, and each four-pack of both flavors will run you a range anywhere from $4.99-$7.99. Not too shabby, am I right?!

Which flavor do you think your dogs will enjoy the most, and which Ben & Jerry’s flavor is your own personal favorite as well? Let’s debate down in the comments below! Let’s go; Eat up, folks!