Auntie Anne’s is ready for Valentine’s weekend with this pretzel loving deal

Auntie Anne's New Pick-Your-Six Pack Menu Perfect for Oktoberfest! Imaege courtesy Auntie Anne
Auntie Anne's New Pick-Your-Six Pack Menu Perfect for Oktoberfest! Imaege courtesy Auntie Anne /

Auntie Anne’s is making your Valentine’s weekend more delicious than ever. And that means not only a deal on pretzels, but even a chance to make your own pretzels with their DIY At-Home Pretzel Kit (they recommend turning your pretzels into hearts!).

While pretzels from Auntie Anne’s might feel like they are the perfect treat while watching a sporting event (Baseball season is coming), or even as a quick snack during the day, there is something to be said for enjoying these fresh baked goodies as a date night treat.

And Auntie Anne’s wants to make date magic even more of a thing with a special deal on their Pretzel Buckets. According to a press email, from Feb. 12 through the 14th, use the Pretzel Perks app to save $5 off of their Pretzel Buckets, which includes Original Pretzel Nuggets, Mini Pretzel Dogs, or the Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets (a perfect sweet treat after a romantic dinner).

You can place the order for delivery if available or for pick up in the store. Either way, you not only get a delicious snack, but also a great deal.

Auntie Anne’s wants to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day with pretzels

Another great option from Auntie Anne’s includes a more hands-on approach to pretzels. You can also snag one of their DIY At-Home Pretzel Kits, for a more personal experience. Not only could this be a way to do something together as a couple, but it is also a chance to make the perfect pretzels in the shape of hearts. (I will say that I made my own pretzels with this kit and while they were delicious, I was definitely not talented enough to create pretzel hearts because I barely made a pretzel shape.)

Every kit comes with enough ingredients to make up to 10 pretzels. You can top with cinnamon sugar or salt, and whether you want to go with all salt, all cinnamon sugar, or a mix of both, you can have a lot fun while creating something from scratch.

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We love Auntie Anne’s pretzels and think both their Pretzel Bucket deal and their DIY kits are a great way to enjoy Valentine’s Day in 2021. But how are you planning to celebrate?