Thirsty Thursday: Austin Eastciders is ready for spring with these new drinks

Austin Eastciders New Launches Will Have You Ready for Spring. Image courtesy Austin Eastciders
Austin Eastciders New Launches Will Have You Ready for Spring. Image courtesy Austin Eastciders /

When it comes to some drinks, there is a bit of seasonality to them, as we think of them as being more for winter or summer. And while we think the latest offerings from Austin Eastciders are perfect for getting spring ready, the reality is that the two new additions to the company’s lineup are perfect all year long.

Are you looking for something new and fresh to sip on this spring? Do you enjoy hard ciders and unique flavors? How do you feel about hard seltzers? No matter which of these two options really call to your taste buds, we think Austin Eastciders may have the answer.

Introducing their new Spiked Seltzer Mango and Blackberry Cider! If you are a fan of a more fruit forward hard drink, then these two new canned hard beverages might just be the perfect addition to your fridge.

Whether you want something that is a bit tart or perhaps you are a tropical fruit fan, both of these hard beverages are worth picking up and trying now. As an added bonus, we even have some suggestions for perfect pairings too.

Austin Eastciders gives us two new hard drinks to make Thirsty Thursday (and every day) a touch of fun

With the Austin Eastciders Blackberry Cider, we get a hard cider that brings together blackberry juice and bittersweet apples. This drink is light and bubbly with fruity hints throughout every sip. But it is all about the perfect food pairings and with this cider, you can enjoy everything from cheesecake to grilled steak. They even suggested indulging in goat cheese with this hard cider, which instantly had us thinking of putting together a charcuterie board and enjoying this cider on a Sunday afternoon.

The other new release is the Austin Eastciders Spiked Seltzer Mango which gives us real mango juice and hints of pineapple. It’s a take on a hard, tropical beverage that takes on from spring to summer in no time. And when it comes to food pairings, we go from curry to tacos with ease.

No matter which of these hard beverages you choose to try, you will not be disappointed. And if you are a hard cider lover, then you won’t want to miss this Blackberry Cider (it is definitely my new favorite in the company’s cider lineup).

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Are you a fan of Austin Eastciders? WIll you be trying their newest additions to the lineup? Which flavor are you excited to try? Tell us in the comments.