Hardee’s (re)launches their Really Big Hardee Burger

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There is one big issue facing any fast food chain that isn’t named McDonald’s or Burger King. It’s how do you create an iconic burger that people will recognize and foodies will instantly associate with your chain. It’s a problem Hardee’s has had for quite some time.

Their solution back in 1989 was The Big Hardee, which was essentially their version of a Whopper or Big Mac. It featured two ginormous beef patties that helped it put the other two burgers to shame when it came to the amount of beef.

But for some reason, it was only available for a limited time. When it returned, the two gigantic patties were gone and instead replaced by three standard sized patties, which went further down to two when it returned after 2013.

So it is a bit head scratching but no less appetizing to hear that Hardee’s is once again bringing back the Big Hardee, but this time as something a bit bigger and with a kind of new name.

Hardee’s introduces the kinda new Really Big Hardee.

According to the burger loving people at Chewboom, Hardee’s is introducing the Really Big Hardee. What makes this one really big instead of just big? We’re glad you asked.

The Really Big Hardee returns the sandwich to having three charbroiled beef patties instead of two. It also includes American cheese and Hardee’s Classic Sauce on a toasted seeded bun. It is basically the Big Hardee now with an extra beef patty. And who doesn’t want more beef on a burger?

It looks like the addition of the Really Big Hardee may be permanent as there is no indication that the return is for a limited time. And for those who love Hardee’s sister chain Carl’s Jr., they are bringing back the Really Big Carl as well as The Big Carl.

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