Little Caesars announces return of the $6 Slices-N-Stix Pizza

Slices-N-Stix from Little Caesar's Pizza, photo courtesy Little Caesar's
Slices-N-Stix from Little Caesar's Pizza, photo courtesy Little Caesar's /

With the Great Fish Sandwich War continuing to rage among the fast food chains, it can be easy to forget that there are other things to eat than seafood. Not everyone takes part in the Lenten season and even if you do, a fish sandwich isn’t the only option available to you. Something Little Caesars would really like you to remember.

In fact, you won’t find a fish sandwich anywhere on a Little Caesars menu. Lots of pizza, which ironically is also a great choice for those celebrating Lent, but no fish sandwiches. Shocking, I know.

So it seems that this is the perfect time for Little Caesars to go against the grain and bring back one of their most popular promotions from last year. That’s right pizza fans. Chewboom is reporting that the $6 Slices-N-Stix Pizza deal has returned.

First introduced back during the summer of 2020, the $6 Slices-N-Stix Pizza proved to be a huge hit with the pizza faithful. One part pizza, one part Cheesy Stix, it was the combination no one knew they needed in their lives until Little Caesars gave it to us.

The Little Caesars $6 Slices-N-Stix Pizza has returned.

The $6 Slices-N-Stix Pizza includes four slices of pepperoni pizza along with eight Cheesy Stix for the low price of $6. We could eat a pizza just made of those amazing Cheesy Stix so adding some pizza to it is just a stroke of genius.

The $6 Slices-N-Stix Pizza is available on demand as well as Hot-n-Ready from 4PM to 8PM. Word is that once again it will only be here for a limited time so grab one (or three) while you can.

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What do you think Guilty Eaters? Is the $6 Slices-N-Stix Pizza the perfect combination for you? Or will you be sticking with the various fish sandwiches being made available? Leave a comment below and let us know or join the conversation on our Twitter page.